Short Term Car Insurance for Learner Drivers Who Are Taking Driving Instructions

Short term car insurance for young drivers who are learning to drive is the best choice for most student drivers and their families. There are understandably parents of a young learner driver who have misgivings about their teenagers sitting behind the wheel of a family car. Their own car insurance for a no claims bonus is then put at a higher risk. This is no doubt one of the main reasons why parents purchase or insist their teenager purchase a short term car insurance.

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Short term car insurance specifically designed for a learner driver can be purchased for weekly or monthly insurance and is a relatively flexible short term insurance. These policies are design for optimal coverage for the learner driver, who is instantly covered.

By law in the UK every driver must be insured for driving on public roads. Insurance for cars cover and insure the driver with third party and liability car insurance. The best options for car insurance, when it comes to short term car insurance, is the flexibility of the car insurance in which to meet the needs of the driver, especially the young learner driver.

Short term car insurance for a young learner driver can help to ensure that the young driver get the insurance coverage they will need for on road use of a vehicle. This short term car insurance is for especially important when young learner drivers are taking a driving course from a qualified driving instructor or even a private driving instructor.

The importance of a driving instructor is to ultimately avoid the undesired learning and developing of bad driving habits from the initial start of learning how to drive. The certified driving instructor is qualified to teach road and car safety instructions as well as verse the learner driver in points of interests when it comes to car insurance.

A healthy respect for the road and for car insurance will be the main lessons learned for a young learner driver, when they began to take their own vehicle or a family or friendís car on the road. The short term insurance will provide the coverage needed during this initial driving and learning period.

Research has shown that when many young learner drivers take driving instructions from a certified driver they have less penalty point accumulations initially than those learner drivers who do not take professional driving instructions. It has also been proven that it takes an average of 45 hours of driving instruction and an average of 22 hours of individual practice for a young learner driver to successfully pass the state driving test.

The fastest way a learner driver can get familiarized with the road before a driverís exam is to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and take a course from a certified driving instructor. Driving instructors are experienced in matters of road usage and road safety with a vehicle. The driving course can be a private course of one used for official driving instruction, as in a driving school course.


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